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AbbieBright's Travelling Market was an exclusive event in Bearville that happened occasionally throughout the year. This event involved AbbieBright - one of Bearville's famous fictional characters - appearing in different areas of Bearville with a stall that users could interact with.


When users clicked on the Travelling Market, a new screen would appear with 12 different clickable boxes. Users would get three chances to click on three different boxes; each of the boxes had exclusive gifts inside that users could unlock!

  • The gifts ranged from Character Clothing to Furniture items
  • Once users had used up all three of their moves, they could no longer open any more boxes and would have to wait for AbbieBright's next appearance in Bearville
  • AbbieBright also had an Antique Road Show which was the same as the Travelling Market, however it was in a completely new area of Bearville.
  • Lucky users could unlock the Rainbow Ride for their Furry Friend!