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Purrincess Kitty introducing the quest.

The Ancient Egypt Quest was one of the two Animal Adventure Quests available in the Libeary by talking to Leopard (Cheetah) after you have brought a Furry Friend to life. Once you had spoken to Leopard (Cheetah), you would be teleported to Ancient Egypt where you would find Purrincess Kitty. When speaking to her, she tell you about how she was trying to 'solve the mystery known as the Riddle of the Sphinx', but that she is missing four hieroglyphs. She'd then go on to ask if you and your furry friend would be able to help find the missing hieroglyphs, promising to reward you with a very special item if you were successful.


Once you had accepted the quest, Purrincess Kitty would give you a number of different clues to help you find the missing hieroglyphs. All the hieroglyphs were hidden in minigames.

Clues Minigames Notes
"You will have to juggle a soccer ball to find this" Fast Paw The hieroglyph would usually show up on or before the 3rd level on the park bench.
"Can only be found if you have a good aim with flying discs" Furbulous Flyer Golf The hieroglyph would be on the target and the player would have to get the frisbee to land on it.
"You may have to be quick with a camera" Friendship Forest Photo Safari The hieroglyph could be found amongst the safari, players would have to take a picture of it in order to collect it.
"You'll have to run fast and catch a lot of stuff" Run fur the stuffing The hieroglyph was one of the item that was dropped from above and the player had to catch it in their box.

Purrincess Kitty telling the player to return to Ancient Egypt to complete the Riddle.

  • Once all the hieroglyphs had been collected, another message from Purrincess Kitty would pop up congratulating you on finding them.
  • She would then ask you to return to Ancient Egypt to solve the riddle of the Sphinx puzzle.

Players needed to arrange the pieces of the puzzle to create the painting of the Sphinx

  • Upon returning to Ancient Egypt you would need to go inside the pyramid where you would find the Sphinx puzzle. You'd then have to arrange the pieces of the puzzle so that they created the painting of the Sphinx in order to finish the quest.


Upon completing the quest, Leopard (Cheetah) appeared in the green door frame to tell you that you had finished the quest and rewarded you with 500 bear bills for your efforts.