Backyard 1

The Backyard was a purchasable room for your Cub Condo on BuildaBearville. It cost 4500 Bear Bills and could be purchased from the LumBear Yard.

The Backyard was mainly all grass, with a tire rope swing attached to a tree on the left and a small garden patch at the top of the screen. Like the other outdoor rooms, users could not customise the colours of the grass, though the colour of the bricks was based upon what colour you chose the entire exterior of your condo to be. Despite this, users could still customise this room by adding outdoor furniture that they could buy at one of the many furniture stores throughout Bearville.


The Backyard was located on the main level of the condo under the 'Outside' section alongside the Patio, Condo Entrance and Backyard Pond.


VictoriaAdventureBear2361's Backyard

Users could add things such as BBQ's, swimming pools, slides, climbing frames and more to decorate their Backyard to exactly how they wanted it to be.

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