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Beach Comber Challenge was a minigame in Bearville located at Sunshine Shores alongside one other minigame, Beach Volleyball. There is little information on this game online and therefore some of this information may not be accurate.


To begin playing this game, users had to click on the sandcastle and bucket at Sunshine Shores; this would bring up a menu allowing users to view highscores and instructions before playing the game.

How to Play

  • This was a multiplayer game, so users could play either against a CPU or against one of their friends
  • Users had a 5x8 grid of sand squares, 40 in total
  • Each player had 10 items to find in the sand - to find these items, users had to click on each square to 'dig' up the sand and possibly find an item
  • These items were all different seashells!
  • Once you had found a seashell in the sand, users had to click and drag the shell to the box on the left of the screen
  • Each player had 2 minutes to find all 10 shells
  • The player who found all 10 seashells first won the game, earned more points and therefore earned more Bear Bills at the end of the game