Beach Volleyball was a minigame that users could play in Bearville; it was located at Sunshine Shores alongside one other minigame, Beach Comber Challenge. It was one of the more difficult games to play in Bearville.


To play the game, users had to click on the volleyball to the left of the screen at the Sunshine Shores area. This would bring up a menu allowing you to view highscores and instructions before playing the game.

How to Play Edit

  • Volley2
    Users could play this game either against another user or CPU
  • To play the game, users had to use their mouse to click on the area that the ball was aiming at; the area the ball was going to land was shown with a white circle appearing on the floor
  • Users had to use to spacebar to try and hit the ball to the other side of the court
  • If you missed the ball and it landed in your area, the other player earned a point
  • If you managed to hit the ball into the other players' area and they did not catch it, you would earn a point
  • If users got more points than their opponent, they would receive a larger amount of Bear Bills at the end of the game than if they were to have earned less points
  • There was no timer on this game; users just had to continue playing until one team won
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