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Bear-2-Bear Baseball was a minigame in Bearville that users could play; it was located outside the Sportsplex building alongside Bear-2-Bear Racing. This was a multiplayer OR single player game!


To start the game, users had to click on the baseball bat to the left of the racing track. This would bring up a menu where users could view highscores and instructions before playing the game, alongside choosing if you wanted to play single or multiplayer.

How to Play

  • Baseball3.JPG
    Users would take it in turns (with your opponent or CPU) to bat
  • First, a ball was shown at the bottom of the screen with a moving arrow; you had to click on the screen when the arrow was in the place you wanted it to lock it in place
  • Once the aim was locked in place, the power bar at the bottom would start moving back and forth
  • Users had to click one more time to get the desired amount of power and hit the ball
  • A map would then show up on the screen, showing where abouts the ball landed and how many points you earned for hitting it to that space
  • You then waited for your opponent to bat before batting again
  • The direction and speed of the wind was shown at the top of the screen; this allowed users to try and bat against the wind to get the ball to the area they wanted
  • Users had to try and get as many points as they could and beat their opponent to win the game
  • The more points you earned, the more Bear Bills you would receive at the end of the game