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Bear-2-Bear Jungle Race - or just Jungle Race - was a minigame in Bearville that users could play by going to the Tropical Discovery section of the Build-A-Bearville Zoo. Only users who had access to the zoo (V.I.B's or users who bought a zoo Furry Friend to life) could play this minigame.


To play the minigame, users had to click on the banana peel located on a log in the Tropical Discovery area. This would bring up the option to play the game, get instructions or quit.


To play the game, users played as a monkey and had to jump from each vine and get to the end of the race. Users could play this as a minigame against friends or play alone and just try to get as many points as possible; you had to try get to the end of the route to finish the game.

  • Each vine that you grabbed onto earned you 250 points
  • If you grabbed a banana, you earned 500 points
  • If you fell off the vine, you lost 250 points

Users had to collect as many bananas as they could before reaching the finish line. There was also a time limit to this; the more points you earned, the more Bear Bills you would earn.