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Bear-2-Bear Mountain Climbing - or just Mountain Climbing - was a minigame that only users who had access to the Build-A-Bearville Zoo could play. It was located in the Beariffic Bluffs section of the zoo and users had to click on the little pick-axe to play the game.


There were two modes to this game; users could play by themselves, or play multiplayer with a friend or random opponant. This allowed you to race to the top of the mountain whilst collecting as many points as possible; the winner was the one who got to the top first. If you played alone, the aim was to get as many points as possible before reaching the top.

The more points you obtained, the more Bear Bills you'd get.


How to Play

  • Users had to click on any of the objects around them to move up the mountain. You could also move side to side on the mountain, which allowed you to gather even more points.
  • Users had to click the screen at the correct time after choosing an object to move to; when the slider at the left of the screen was in the green section was when you could click.
  • If you clicked when the slider was in the blue area, you would fall of the mountain and lose the game. As you got further and futher up the mountain, the green section became smaller and smaller, providing a challenge to finish the game for users.

Each object gave a different amount of points:

  • Rocks gave you 250 points
  • Dogs gave you 1500 points
  • Trees gave you 400 points
  • Reindeer/deer gave you 1500 points
  • Icicles gave you 525 points
  • Hockey clubs gave you 525 points
  • Axes gave you 525 points
  • Arrows gave you 525 points
  • Hammocks gave you 1500 points