Bear Bills were the main currency used in BuildaBearville. The icon for Bear Bills was a small green coin with a paw on it.

Bear Bills were used to buy most of the items you found on Bearville. You could use them to buy lots of items of clothing from Pawlette's Coufur Boutique, change the way your character looked at the Bee Stylin' Salon, buy food at the Coffee Shop, buy items at the Theater, buy furniture for your Cub Condo at several different stores and many many more things.

Bear Bills were not the only currency however; they worked alongside Credits, which users could buy at the Build a Bear Workshop or could retrieve from bringing a bear to life online. Bear Bills could be earned in game, whereas Credits could not.

There were many different ways to earn Bear Bills whilst playing BuildaBearville. You could play all of the different minigames and get a varying amount of them, depending on how far you got in the game/how many were given in that game. You could also get them from bringing your Furry Friend to life in the Build-a-Bearville Workshop building. You could also get a job at the Coffee Shop and serve other members or work at the Bank in order to get them, or even become a student/teacher at the Bear University. Growing a garden or going fishing were some other ways to obtain Bear Bills.

After obtaining them, they were automatically placed into your inventory and you could then use them to buy whatever you wanted. Saving up Bear Bills allowed you to get better items for your character or Cub Condo.

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