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The Bear Head Tutorial was one of the first things to complete in BuildaBearville as soon as you became a new member. It required you to click on Bearemy, who was located outside of the Build-A-Bearville Workshop in Town Square. Once you had clicked on him, a menu would pop up which explained that the user must find hidden bear heads all around Bearville. There were 10 bear heads to find.


The 10 bear heads were in these locations:


Bear Head Found On Top Of The Coffee Shop

Bear Head Found Outside The Pawforming Arts Centre

Bear Head Found On The Drapes Outside Build-A-Bearville Workshop

  • On top of the stuffing machine inside the Build-A-Bearville Workshop

Bear Head Found On Top Of The Stuffing Machine

Bear Head Found Under A Window Near Bear University

Bear Head Found In Pawlette's Coufur Boutique

Bear Head Found On Top Of A Cub Condo

Bear Head Found By The Racetrack

Bear Head Found In Flower Patch In Paw Park

Bear Head Found In Friendship Forest Park



Once you had found all 10 of the bear heads, you had to go back and talk to Bearemy. He would then reward you with a prize; a red t-shirt for your character. The T-Shirt went straight into your 'My Stuff' section so that you could change your character into it.