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Bear Hugs was a minigame that users could play in BuildaBearville. It was located in the Build-A-Bearville Workshop in Town Square or from the games menu on the bottom of the screen.

The Bear Hugs game had quite simple gameplay; users had to click on as many bears that popped up out of the clouds as possible and to try to reach the amount of 'Hugs' required before the time ran out to move onto the next level.

  • For the first round, only 'normal' teddy bears would pop up out of the clouds. Users had to click on as many of these as they could, and each 'normal' teddy gave users 1 point. Level one required users to obtain 20 points in the time limit to move to level two.
  • Once users got to level two, two different types of bears would start to appear on the screen; the 'King' teddy bear would give users 3 points alongside the 'normal' teddy bears still giving you 1 point each. This made reaching the required amount of hugs much easier.
  • Alongside the 'King' bear, the 'Joker' bear also now appeared, though this was a bear that users had to try to avoid whilst playing the game. Clicking the joker bear took 3 points away from your total 'hugs' and therefore decreased your chance of winning the game and moving onto the next levels.

These were the only 3 bears that popped up in the Bear Hugs game, though the levels got progressively harder as users were required to click more and more bears under the time limit. By level 5, users had to get 150 hugs in 2 minutes. Once you had run out of time, a menu would pop up asking if you'd like to play again and showing how many Bear Bills you had won. The longer you lasted in game, the more Bear Bills you'd earn.