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Bear Stuff Store Interior

The Bear Stuff Store was a store in Bearville which was located in Town Square next to Bearville Outfitters. This was a store predominantly for buying furniture for your Cub Condo.


The four categories for Furniture in the Bear Stuff Store were main furniture items (tables, chairs, anything that could be used for your character), floor items (mainly rugs), wall items (wall decor, picture frames, posters) and other items such as flags and miscellaneous items. All of the items in this store were bought with Bear Bills that users could earn by playing Minigames or completing Quests.


The Bear Stuff Store went through two main design changes over the 8 years that Bearville was open; the first one was a long vertical sign infront of the building with the words 'Bear Stuff'. This was the design in the early days of Bearville and it soon got changed to fit in better with the other buildings in Town Square.


Soon, the design changed to what is pictured on the left; this became the permanent design for the Bear Stuff Store. This had a horizontal banner with a chair above the words to make sure users knew that this store sold furniture only. The only time the design changed was during Christmas, when small amounts of snow were added to the bottom of the store to link with the Christmas theme (as pictured on the left).


In the earlier days when BuildaBearville was still in its' beta stages, the Bear Stuff Store was much different; you didn't get a catalog to look through. Instead, the furniture item would appear on the screen and you used arrows to scroll through each item. This wasn't the case for long, as soon after the catalog was added in and users no longer had to scroll to find each item they were interested in.