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The Bear University was a place in Bearville that users could go to; there were several different things to do in this area.


The buildings surrounding the area were the Libeary, the Classroom, the Gymnasium and the Jr. CyBearGuide HQ. This also allowed for access to the Jr. CyBearGuide Shop in the HQ.


Every year starting from April 2010, the Bear University had a graduation ceremony for everyone in Bearville. A graduation-themed song played in the background and a stage appeared in the centre of the area; there were fake characters sat on some of the chairs on the stage as an owl stood in the centre who was the leader of the graduation. Your character could sit on any of the chairs which weren't taken up already.


By clicking on the owl in the centre of the stage, users could get their very own graduation picture with the owl. It showcased your character with graduation cap on, and users could download and print off this image. Users could actually buy a graduation cap most years from Pawlette's Coufur Boutique which their character could wear in celebration of their graduation.


There were also new graduation outfits available to buy in the Jr. CyBearGuide Shop, though these were only available to users who had the Jr. CyBearGuide status. These were full graduation outfits with the gown and hat and these came in either light blue or dark blue, depending on your preference.


During events such as Halloween or Christmas, the Bear University would get a small update. For Halloween, lots of autumnal leaves would be placed around the area; for Christmas - as shown on the left - snow would be placed all around and on top of the buildings. Occasionally, small little events would be held here, for example when users could choose ChloeRocks' new outfit in 2010. For that vote, users had to go to the Bear University.