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Bearrific Burgers was a minigame that users could play in Bearville; it was located at the Waterfall Lake alongside three other minigames. This was a single player game and had you racing to make more burgers than the CPU.


To initially play the game, users had to click on the barbecue stand at the lake; this would bring up a menu allowing you to view highscores and instructions, alongside a description reading: 'How many burgers can you make for your friends before time runs out?'

How to Play

  • Burg3.JPG
    Burgers would automatically appear on the barbecue
  • A little circle appeared just above each burger which showed you when the burger was ready to be flipped; once it was ready, an arrow would appear above the burger
  • Users had to cook both sides of the burger before the words 'Ok' would appear above it, which allowed the user to click on it and it would automatically move over to the buns
  • Once on the buns, users had to click on them to finish off the burger
  • Burg5.JPG
    The more burgers you made in the time limit (1 minute), the more points you would earn and the more Bear Bills you would receive at the end of the game
  • Users had to try and make more burgers than their opponant to win the game
  • If you left the burger on the barbecue for too long, it would become burnt and unusable