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Bearville Outfitters 1st Floor

Bearville Outfitters was a store that opened in March 2009[1] where users could buy a variety of premium items. It was located in Town Square alongside the Bear Stuff Store, the Bearville News Network, and the Build-A-Bearville Workshop. Alongside the main entrance at Town Square, users could access Bearville Outfitters from the Bearville Outfitters Rooftop; they could slide down a pole on the rooftop which would lead them to the third floor of the building.

Bearville Outfitters 2nd Floor

Bearville Outfitters had three different floors to it, though each floor had the exact same catalog with the exact same items to choose from. The first floor of the store was dedicated to clothing items and accessories. The second floor promoted the Rides that users could buy with Credits. The third floor consisted of furniture items and miscellaneous items for users' Cub Condo.

Bearville Outfitters 3rd Floor

Users could click on any of the three paw prints on any of the three floors to access the Bearville Outfitters catalog. They could also use any of the grey arrows on the floors to access different floors of the building.

The Bearville Outfitters store included items that could be bought ONLY with Credits and was one of the main stores to get many different items in Bearville. This was likely why Credits became known as Bearville Outfitters Credits later on.

Catalog Sections


There were 7 different sections in the Bearville Outfitters catalog:

Icon Name
Character Clothing
Furry Friend Clothing
RidesPage3.4 36.png
Home Away From Home
Other Stuff

Early Development


Before it was known as Bearville Outfitters, this building used to be called the Bear Boutique and was decorated very differently. At the time, this was only a clothing store, though everything was still sold in Credits.


The design of the catalog was also much different back then; instead of a menu at the left of the catalog to choose what to look at, the menu was around the user's character. There was still a color wheel to change each outfit's color way.