Build-A-Bear-Ville Wiki

Build A Jack-O-Lantern was a seasonal feature in Bearville that was first introduced in October 2008 in celebration of Halloween. It was classed as a minigame. This feature gave users their very own Jack-O-Lantern outside their Cub Condo for them to decorate however they wanted.

To begin, users had to click on the Jack-O-Lantern.


  • The first customisable feature was the body - users could choose from 3 different shaped pumpkins for their Jack-O-Lantern.
  • The next feature was accessories, including glasses and hats. There were 9 different accessories to choose from for your pumpkin.
  • Next up was eyebrows - there were 12 different eyebrow styles to choose from!
  • Next were pumpkin eyes - there were 12 different eye options to choose from.
  • Second-to-last was the nose; there were 12 different styles of nose for users to choose from, including a carrot and a red nose!
  • The final customisable feature for your Jack-O-Lantern was the mouth - similarly to the eyes and nose, there were 12 different styles to choose from.

Now your Jack-O-Lantern was complete! Users could choose to customise their pumpkin as many times as they desired just by clicking on it. If users clicked the 'Restart' button whilst customising, it would switch the pumpkin back to its' generic design. The pumpkin would stay outside your Cub Condo until Halloween was over!