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Camp Happy Heart 2010 was the third annual summer camp in Bearville; this year, it had a very different predominant theme compared to the last two years.


2010 was based around the new Ice Cream bear collection in BABW. Instead of having two camp leaders like the other years, this year had four different leaders. Each leader lead their own team. These teams were:


To sign up for the camp, users had to go to the Waterfall; this was decorated completely for the camp, including the Floating Cabin having been turned into an ice cream. Going inside the cabin allowed for users to sign up; this would randomly assign you to one of the four teams.


The email account linked to your Bearville account would receive an email explaining that you had signed up for the camp and detailing what the camp was all about.


Once the camp began, users had to complete three different tasks each day. These were usually minigames; there was actually one new minigame for the camp this year, Jump Rope. Completing each task earned you points for your team.


You could keep track of the scores by clicking on the clipboard at the Floating Cabin; all of the teams were very close but there was only one winner; this was announced on the 2nd of August by Bearmail and was mentioned in the Bearville Times August 11th 2010 edition!

  • 4TH PLACE: Team Orange Sherbet
  • 3RD PLACE: Team Hot Fudge Sundae
  • 2ND PLACE: Team Mint Chip
  • 1ST PLACE: Team Bubble Gum

Each team won at least one prize for participating in the camp:

  • Team Orange Sherbet & Hot Fudge Sundae won a team poster for their Condo
  • Team Mint Chip won a team poster and team camp bed for their Cub Condo
  • Team Bubble Gum won a team poster, team camp bed, interactive campfire and 2010 Camp Happy Heart trophy for their Cub Condo.