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Camp Happy Heart 2012 was the fifth annual summer camp on Bearville; it ran from the 1st of July till the 31st and was based at the Waterfall and Floating Cabin.


There were four different teams that users could be assigned to:

Users were randomly assigned to one of these four teams and in doing so received a free Camp Happy Heart 2012 shirt for their character which matched their team leader.


Once the camp started, users received three tasks for the camp each day; completing these tasks earned one point each for the team and if users completed all of the daily tasks, they would earn an extra bonus point.


You could keep track of each teams score by clicking on the clipboard on the outside of the Floating Cabin; team MiguelSunshine were always quite far behind the other teams.



By the end of July, the results were in:

  • 4th Place: Team MiguelSunshine
  • 3rd Place: Team AbbieBright (Prizes: Bronze Medal, Bronze Trophy & Podium)
  • 2nd Place: Team ChloeRocks (Prizes: Silver Medal, Silver Trophy & Podium)
  • 1st Place: Team GreenTracks (Prizes: Gold Medal, Gold Trophy & Podium)