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Castle Photo Search was a minigame in Bearville that was only available during the Medieval Theme in 2010. This was one of three Medieval-themed minigames in Bearville, the others being Beary Knightly and Dragon Care Minigame.

How to Play

  • Two pictures would show up on the screen, each basically the same, however the one on the right had five differences to the one on the left
  • Users would have to click on the areas that were different on the picture on the right


  • The faster you found the differences, the more levels you could advance to and the more points you would earn
  • As the levels proceeded, the differences became harder for the user to spot
  • Castle2-0.JPG
    Users could continue the game until the timer ran out; finishing one photo would add some extra time onto the timer
  • The more points you earned, the more Bear Bills you would receive at the end of the game