The Classroom is where you go when you want to take the Jr. CyBearGuide quiz or enroll in classes! The Classroom can be found in Bear University and once clicked, you have the option to "Go to Class" or "Just Visit".

Just Visit Edit

By selecting this option, you would be able t walk around the Classroom and talk to other users! You can also interact with the desks found in the room.

Go to Class Edit

This option allows players to take the Jr. CyBearGuide quiz or attend the classes Bearville has to offer! The classes held include K-1, 2-3, 4-5, and 6 and there are both teacher and student roles for users! Players that select "Be a Student" are assigned to various quizzes depending on the grade level and those who select "Be a Teacher" will be assigned quizzes to correct! Once you enter one of these assignments, a clock will begin counting down to from 60, and then once the tier reaches 0, students take their seats and class begin!

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