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The Cloud Room was a room that users could unlock for their Cub Condo in Build-a-Bearville. This was a limited edition room that first became available in April 2013 and was only available to unlock for a few weeks up until May 6th 2013.


When users logged onto Bearville, a notification popped up asking them to go to the City Garden for a 'magical gift'. From here, users were given a Magic Bean Seed that they had to look after and harvest before May 6th. If users didn't manage to finish this task by the deadline, they could not unlock the Cloud Room. If they did complete the task, the notification stated they would win 3 rare prizes.


The Seed would appear in the user's inventory and they had to grow it in time. Once the seed was completely grown, a notification screen popped up showing the three rare gifts that users had won:


Users won an Old Telescope, a Cloud Spa, and a Cloud Computer Desk. Alongside this, they also won the Cloud Room for their Cub Condo. You couldn't customise the colour or pattern of the cloud, though users could add their own furniture to the room to make it as personalised as they wished.

After unlocking the Cloud Room, buying any seed from the City Garden Mini Market, the Farmer's Market or the LumBear Yard gave users a chance of winning special edition Cloud-themed furniture for their room.


In the catalog, red writing would appear under each of the seeds stating which special cloud furniture they could win by planting and harvesting the seed. There was a large range of cloud furniture that could be unlocked. You could also get these gifts from plants you already owned and that were already growing in your gardens, as long as you had unlocked the Cloud Room.

Cloud Furniture

Each seed unlocked different cloud furniture:

You could also get more Cloud Furniture from improving the Gardening Badge in your CyBearZone. Bronze Level 2 rewarded you with the Cloud Bath and Silver Level 2 rewarded you with a Cloud Bird Perch.