Colorful Canvas was a minigame in Bearville located in the Art Studio in the Bearywood Mall. This was one of two minigames in the studio, the other being Match It!


To play the game, users had to click on the paint tube inside the studio; this would bring up a new screen with a notification allowing users to view instructions and highscores before continuing on with playing the minigame.


This game was created in promotion of the Rainbow Hugs Bear, a new bear in BABW for April 2012! This game then became a permanent edition to the Art Studio.

How to Play Edit

  • There were three different paint tubes to the left of the screen; red, yellow and blue
  • Users had to create a tube from any of the three colors to the bears' canvas on the right of the screen
  • To do this, you had to click each tube piece to rotate them till they connected to another piece
  • You could also connect up the three colors to create new colors, such as orange or green
  • The more tubes you used for one tunnel, the more points you would earn overall; each piece you used earned you one point
  • The more points you earned, the more Bear Bills you would receive at the end of the game
  • This game helped users improve their Arts & Crafts Badge!
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