Build-A-Bear-Ville Wiki

The Condo Tree House was a limited edition room that users could unlock for their Cub Condo in BuildaBearville.

The first way users could get this room was by completing the GreenTracks Mystery Seed Quest in 2009; once you had completed this quest, you would be gifted with Treehouse Seeds. You could then plant the treehouse seed in the City Garden or in one of the outdoor rooms in your condo, such as the Sun Room. Users were required to water and care for the plant until it grew to its full capacity, to which it could then be harvested and placed in your My Stuff. You could then place the Condo Tree House in any outdoor area - including the Condo Entrance - of your Cub Condo. Once placed, users could then click on the treehouse in order to enter it.


Once you clicked 'Get In', your character would do a climbing motion up the ladder of the treehouse before being teleported inside. Inside was a basic wooden room with a few lights on one of the branches and swing seat on the other which could be used by your character. There were also some camp-style beds and a table and chairs which were also able to be used by your character or Furry Friend.


Users couldn't customise the colours or patterns of the walls or floor in this room, however they could customise it as much as they wanted with any furniture they bought from the Bearville Outfitters store, the Bear Stuff Store or the Store Fur All Seasons.

The mystery seed to grow the tree house was available as a level up of gardening too and would show up at other times as well. Each character could have more than one treehouse, though it would open to the same room on the same account. Three treehouse ladders together would look like a wall. The treehouse room and seeds were not tradeable.

Players could have a City Garden plot with a treehouse without owning a Cub Condo and still have a customizable room for that account.