Cub Condo's were the names of houses that you can buy and customise in BuildaBearville. There were many different designs you could choose from, all of which ranged in prices. Users could only obtain their own Cub Condo after purchasing and bringing a Furry Friend to life in game. All Cub Condos were located in the Neighborhood area of BuildaBearville.

The basic design that users originally get when bringing their Furry Friend to life is the one pictured on the left. This was a simple, greyscale house which could then be recoloured by the user. The interior of each Cub Condo could also be completely personalised by buying furniture and decor from different places such as the LumBear Yard, the Bear Stuff Store, Bearville Outfitters and Store Fur all Seasons. You could also win different items of furniture by completing different tasks or by bringing another Furry Friend to life, depending on what their add-on items were. 

Those users who were Jr. CyBearGuides could also shop for Cub Condo furniture and decor at the Jr. CyBearGuide Shop.

There were different designs of Cub Condo for members to buy and choose from:

There were also different rooms that you could purchase for your Cub Condo.

The front menu that showed up could have up to three floors on it and had different sections to allow you to access each of your rooms:

There were 8 different Party Rooms; 3 of these (The Dance Party Room, the Beachtime Room and the Sporty Fun Room) could be obtained through Bear Bills at the LumBear Yard, though the others could only be obtained through a secret code you could get from hosting a real life birthday party at the BuildaBear Workshop:

There were also many other rooms for your Cub Condo that users could get for free or buy using Bear Bills at the LumBear Yard. Some were in the catalog constantly, though some only came around occasioanlly depending on an event or season:

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