Emoticons were little images that users could use to express how they were feeling in that moment on Bearville. There were many emoticons that users could unlock in Bearville, though there were a few starter ones that were already in your Emoticons section when you first made your character!

Starter Emoticons Edit


These were the emoticons that every user starts out with when they first create their character; they were generic emotions for your character to use!

There were a range of different ones here: theres happy faces, crying faces, silly faces, laughing faces, angry faces, scared faces, annoyed faces & more for you to express how you felt.

Reading EmoticonEdit


This emoticon could be unlocked by reading through an entire issue of the Bearville Times! It was one of the easier emoticons to unlock and could be unlocked at any point throughout the entirety of Bearville.

Fireworks Emoticon 2008 Edit


This emoticon could be unlocked if you went online Bearville in July 2008; ChloeRocks gave out this emoticon to all users at the time. This was likely a 4th of July gift that was given out for the entirety of the month.

Huggable Heroes Emoticon 2010 Edit


The Huggables Heroes emoticon from 2010 was available if users watched The Chloe Show in January 2010. This was the only time it was available; it was a star thats' corners folded to hold its' heart in the center.

Endless Hugs Teddy Emoticon Edit


The Endless Hugs Bear emoticon could be unlocked by completing the Endless Hugs Teddy Quest in May 2009! This was the prize for completing the entire quest.

Kooky Spooky Kitty Emoticon Edit


The Kooky Spooky Kitty Emoticon could be unlocked by completing the Kooky Spooky Kitty Quest during the Halloween event in 2009. This was the only way to unlock this emoticon and it was not available at any other time.

Water Emoticon Edit


The Water Emoticon could be unlocked by being in the winning team, Beary Blue, at Camp Happy Heart 2009! Users who were in the other team didn't have a chance at winning this rare exclusive emoticon.

Art Emoticon Edit


The Art Emoticon could be unlocked if users visited the AbbieBright Craft Shop (Art Studio) when it first opened in April 2011. As soon as you entered the studio, a notification would pop up with this emoticon attached to it.

DS Emoticon Edit


The DS Emoticon could be unlocked if users purchased the Welcome to Hugsville DS game! Purchasing the game would give you a free code that could be entered into Bearville to unlock this special emoticon of a character holding a DS.

Wii Emoticon Edit


The Wii Emoticon was a universal code when the BABW Wii game was released, and could be unlocked by typing in the free code: 87J3-48YH-SPPZ into the code section at the Build-A-Bearville Workshop.

Yo-Yo Emoticon Edit


The Yo-Yo Emoticon could be unlocked by typing in the free code: YOUR-FREE-GIFT into the code section at the Build-A-Bearville Workshop. This was a reusable code by everyone and unlocked this emoticon.

Calling Bird Emoticon Edit


The Calling Bird Emoticon could be unlocked in 2008 during the 12 Days of Christmas giveaway by talking to Bearemy at the Town Square.

Cat Emoticon Edit


The Cat Emoticon could be unlocked by answering all of the questions correctly in the September 2009 issue of Paws Fur Nature.

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