Build-A-Bear-Ville Wiki

Furshionista Showdown was a minigame that users could play in BuildaBearville. It was located in the Build-A-Bearville Workshop in Town Square, or you could access it through the games menu located around the outside of your screen.


To play the game, users could click on the clothing racks underneath 'Dress Me' in the Build-A-Bearville Workshop. From there, a menu would pop up asking if you'd like to see the instructions, quit the game or start to play. As soon as users clicked 'play' the game would begin.

How to Play


Users were shown a model on the left with a specific outfit on. Your task was to make your model - located on the right - look identical to the model on the left. To do this, there were 5 different racks constantly moving around with the items that you needed to copy the model's look. These racks were:

  • A shirts rack
  • A pants rack
  • A shoes rack
  • A hat rack
  • An accessories rack

Because they were all moving at the same time, the challenge was to try and find every item you needed before the time ran out. Once one outfit was complete, the model would change into a completely different outfit and users once again had to try and create the exact same outfit as the model.

The longer you played without running out of time, the more points you'd earn in game. For every second left after completing an outfit, users would get an additional 20 points; after every outfit was completed, 35 seconds were added onto the timer to make it possible for the user to complete all the looks.


After you'd finished all 5 looks that you needed to complete, a cutscene would play with all of the outfits you created being worn down the runway, with photographers taking photos.

The more points you earned, the more Bear Bills you'd be rewarded with at the end of the game.