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The GreenTracks Mystery Seed Quest took place in 2009 and was the only way to obtain the Condo Tree House for your Cub Condo.

When users first logged onto Bearville, a notification would pop up from ChloeRocks saying that she could use some help finding the 10 mysterious sights around the world. This was the first task of the quest. There were some changes to some of the places around Bearville and users had to go and find each of these and click on them in order to progress in the quest. These were the mysterious sights:

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Treehouse quest 3.JPG
  • The patch of purple leaves at the bottom of the screen at Paw Park
  • The purple tree on the right side of the screen at Paw Park
  • The vines next to the purple leaves at Paw Park
  • The tree which has the sign 'Maxine's Condo' hung on it at Paw Park
Treehouse quest4.JPG
  • The pile of bright red leaves at Friendship Forest Park
  • The pile of orange leaves at Friendship Forest Park
  • The pile of yellow leaves at Friendship Forest Park
  • The pile of green leaves at Friendship Forest Park
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Once the user had found all 10 mysterious sights around Bearville, a notification would pop up on the screen from ChloeRocks telling them to go and visit MiguelSunshine in the Bearville News Network (BNN) building, mentioning he was about to give a 'special report'. By clicking 'Yes', the user would be teleported to the BNN. Once you get to the building, MiguelSunshine gives a short recall of the exact task that ChloeRocks asked you to do and then teleports you to the Friendship Forest Park. A menu would pop up asking if you would like to help Miguel and Chloe in their mission to find out what is going on around Bearville.

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Bearemy would then also appear in the Friendship Forest Park and each character - including you - would search one pile of leaves each in the area for clues as to what may be going on. By doing this, green paw prints are uncovered and MiguelSunshine suggests that all of this mysterious business must be to do with GreenTracks.

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After this, another menu popped up to teleport you to the Pawsitively Green Center to continue the search. Whilst in the Pawsitively Green Center, Miguel discovers some more green paw prints leading out of the back door of the center and suggests everyone follow them. A menu then pops up stating that you must follow your friends through the trail; this was an add-on area for the quest and was not an area that you could usually access in Bearville.


Once the trail had ended, users were teleported to the Waterfall Lake; ChloeRocks suggested that they were getting very close to Camp Happy Heart where GreenTracks might be, and to continue to follow the green pawprints to see where they may end up. Everyone teleports over the bridge to the Floating Cabin and upon entering they immediately come across GreenTracks. GreenTracks explains to the group that he did this to catch everyones attention and bring them to him as he had something that he needed help with.


GreenTracks tells the group that he's been working on a Magic Seed and needs your help to complete it. A menu pops up telling the user that they must click the shapes in the order that appears on the screen to win a special reward from him.


Users then had to complete the minigame, clicking on the shapes in the correct order and making sure they completed all of this within the 60 second time limit. If you succeeded, you were rewarded with 200 Bear Bills. But this wasn't the end of the quest; GreenTracks now tells the team that they must find his magical watering can so that the magic seed could survive and grow.


Miguels' head showed up in the top corner of the screen, letting the user know if they were close to the watering can or not. If they were far away, it would say 'Freezing'. The closer you got to the can, the hotter you would get until you found it.


Users could find the magical watering can at the top of the screen at the Train Station.


The task was now complete; users were rewarded with 500 Bear Bills, the magical watering can and the magic mystery seed. Users could then plant this seed in a soil patch at their Cub Condo and watch it grow into the Condo Tree House; a usable room for their condo.