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Jr. CyBearGuides are helpful and special citizens on Bearville that can give tours and answer questions. I order to become a Jr. CyBearGuide, one must login to Bearville for at least 12 days out of the past 30 days. Then players can take a test in the Classroom. Other Jr. CyBearGuides can give help if needed. Once any player passes the test, they are rewarded with a blue hat with a star hovering above. These players also receive a blue star next to their Username.

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There is also another special group dedicated to helping the Bearville community. These people are known as CyBearGuides. CyBearGuides fix glitches in the game and help other users on Bearville. They can be spotted by wearing a white hat with a question mark hovering above. This hat is not tradable because CyBearguides aren't allowed to trade. CyBearGuides are usually seen wearing their hats, except when they are testing new animal reward items. CyBearguides do not have numbers at the bottom of their names and regular users of Bearville cannot become CyBearGuides.

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The Jr. CyBearGuide quiz can be found in the Classroom located in Bear University. The questions and answers for this quiz may be found here: Jr. CyBearGuide Quiz Questions and Answers.

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  • The Jr. CyBearGuides group was first started on September 20th, 2008 and they have been helping other players on Bearville until the site's closing.
  • CyBearGuides are workers for Maxine Clark.

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