Jr. Cybear guides are helpful. You can become a Jr. Cybear guides by playing Buildabearville 12 days in the past 30 days. Then take the test in the classroom. if you need help, (tours, answering questions) find a Jr. Cybear guide, and he/she will help. they are easily reconized by the blue hats with stars above the hat. They also have a blue star either side of there name.

The Jr.CyBearGuides were first started on September 20th, 2008.Since then they have been helping the users of BABV.

There is also a special goup of people called CyBearguides (notice they don't have "Jr." in front of them). These people are CyBearguides that do things like fixing glitches and helping users on Build a Bearville.They are easy to spot because they have a white hat with a question mark on top (this item is not tradeable ,mostly because CyBearguides can't trade.) 9/10% of the time they are wearing their hat. The 1% of the time is when they are testing new animal reward items. CyBearguides do not have numbers at the bottom of their names. (Also,y ou can not become a CyBearGuide. CyBearGuides are workers for Maxine Clark).