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Window of Marvelous Monkey giving instructions on the Jungle Ruins quest.

The Jungle Ruins Quest was a quest players can take on by talking to Cheetah (Leopard) in the Libeary once they had brought a Furry Friend to life through an Animal ID or Key Code. Players were tasked in finding ten gems for Marvelous Monkey, which could be obtained by playing minigames across Bearville.

Quest Summary

Jungle Ruins2.PNG

Once users visited the Libeary and began the quest, a pop-up from Marvelous Monkey would appear stating the following:

'Greetings. I am pleased that you have come here. We need your help! Many years ago, this was a place of great beauty and power. The Great Stone Bear and her Stone Totems glowed with happiness, protecting our people from evil spirits. Not long ago, a violent storm struck this place and washed away the magical gems which gave the Stone Guardians their power. If you and your furry friend recover these gems, we will reward you with a beary special item. Will you help us?' -Marvelous Monkey at the start of the Jungle Ruins Quest


Players would talk to Cheetah to access the Jungle Ruins quest. After talking to Marvelous Monkey, players would play minigames based on a series of clues given by the former in order to access gems.

Clues Minigames Notes
You will find this gem underwater. Dive Beary Deep
In the midst of very fast moving objects. Race to find this gem. Bear-2-Bear Racing Must win game.
Surrounded by yummy red fruit. Bobbing Fur Apples Must pass level 1 (previously level 3).
This gem will float in the clouds with many bears. Bear Hugs Must pass level 1 (previously level 3).
Gem is rumored to be located in the shape of a diamond. Bear-2-Bear Baseball Must hit a home run or reach a certain score.

After collecting all of the required gems, players would return to the ruins to report back to Marvelous Monkey. Upon doing so, a passageway would open, revealing the second and final part of the quest, a maze game in the Cave of Wonders. Users had to make sure they took the same Furry Friend with them that they used in the beginning of the quest.

Jungle Ruins3.PNG

  • Users had to guide their character and Furry Friend around the dark maze to try and find all 4 'stones' and have their character step on them
  • Once all four stones were stepped on, Cheetah (Leopard) would appear and congratulate players on their achievements


Jungle Ruins1.PNG

Once the quest was completed, Cheetah (Leopard) would reward the player with their Furry Friend's specific PSI. This however was later changed to 500 Bear Bills, and PSIs would be redeemed automatically when a Furry Friend was brought to life in Bearville.