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LumBear Yard

The LumBear Yard was a store in Bearville which allowed users to buy anything they needed for their Cub Condo. It was located in the Market Place alongside the Bearywood Mall and Store Fur All Seasons. There were 4 different sections to the LumBear Yard catalog:


Users could also sell any items that they wished to at the LumBear Yard; this allowed them to gain Bear Bills, though they wouldn't gain as much as the original cost of the item. To sell items, users could click on the 'Sell' button at the bottom of the catalog.



In terms of furniture, users could purchase the very basic items here. These included tables, sofas and any other items that could be placed on the floor (aside from rugs). Most furniture in Bearville could be purchased at the Bear Stuff Store, Bearville Outfitters or the Store Fur All Seasons.



The seeds section allowed users to buy lots of different seeds to plant and harvest in any of their soil patches in their condo; this could be in the exterior, the Sun Room, the Backyard, or any other room with soil. Users could water and look after these seeds until they were fully grown and ready to harvest. They would then be added to your inventory. Fruit plants/trees allowed users to obtain food items for their character to eat!

Cub Condo Decoration

The Cub Condo section in the catalog was for Cub Condo Rooms, Wallpapers, Carpets and Condo Exteriors. This was the only store for users to buy these items, which all varied in price. Users could also redeem wallpapers from bringing Furry Friends to life in-game. There were many different patterns and designs to choose from.

Other Stuff

The 'Other Stuff' section was full of gardening items for your character to use in the condo; these included watering cans to water your seeds. More expensive watering cans helped your plants grow much quicker. There were also fertilising bags that could be bought to use on the plants, cutters to harvest them and more items that were useful for gardening.