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The Neighborhood was an area that users could go to in Bearville to play minigames, hang out with friends or visit Cub Condos. It was one of the main areas in Bearville and there were several different things to do whilst here.


If users clicked on the paw print entering the houses, a menu would be brought up allowing you to choose between going to a friends' Cub Condo or your own. You could scroll through the list of all of the people on that server at the time, though some people chose to lock their Cub Condo so that nobody could visit, turning their name grey in the list.


There was an orange booth to the right of the screen in the Neighborhood; if you clicked on it, you could play Hide-And-Seek with other users in the area. This could only be played multiplayer and wasn't a typical minigame, as it involved moving around the world.


To the left of the screen, there was a U.S. Bank of Bearville machine which allowed users to put in or take out their Bear Bills right there in the Neighborhood rather than going all the way to the Train Station to visit the Bank.

Also to the left of the screen, there was a Jr. CyBearGuide Phone Booth which - when clicked on by a Jr. CyBearGuide wearing their Jr. CBG hat - teleported you directly to the Jr. CyBearGuide HQ. This was one of two booths, the other one being in the Furbulous Fashion District.


  • Hide-And-Seek