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Paw Park was an area in Bearville that users could go to to chat with friends or play minigames.


On the map, Paw Park was located near the Neighborhood, Maxine Clark's Condo (Mama Bears' Condo) and the Friendship Forest Park, all of which could be accessed by clicking on one of the three arrows located around the sides of the park.

There were two different minigames that users could play whilst at Paw Park; these were Go Fishing and Dive Beary Deep.

  • To play Go Fishing, users had to click on the little orange booth near the top right of the screen, though they had to have purchased their own fishing rod to be able to play.
  • To play Dive Beary Deep, users had to click on the little red rod that was sticking out of the bear shaped pond.

These were the main things that users could do whilst in this area; standing on the small brown dock was how you started fishing for the Go Fishing game. Unlike in many other areas, your character could not swim in this water.