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Pawlette Standing On The Boardwalk

In September 2009, Pawlette could be found on the Boardwalk at the Carnival. When talking to her, she will tell you how her friend had lost her hat and a shoe when she was on the Ferris Wheel and asks for your help to try and find it. In order to help you find the items, Pawlette would give you clues and tell you whether you were getting hotter or colder when walking around. "Warmer" or "Hot" meant you were getting close to the item and "colder" meant you were moving further away from the item.

Pawlette's Carnival Quest Introduction


  • First clue:

First Clue

Hat Found Outside Maxine Clark's Condo

  • Second Clue:

Second Clue

Shoe Found In The River In The Entrance


Pawlette's Carnival Quest Reward

Once you had found both the hat and the shoe, Pawlette would reward you with 25 Bear Bills.