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A page of the seed catalog at the City Garden Mini Market

Seeds were interactive items that players could purchase, plant, grow, and harvest. They were first introduced for Arbor Day on April 24th, 2009.[1][2] Seeds could be purchased for typically between 100-300 Bear Bills from the LumBear Yard, the City Garden Mini Market, or the Farmer's Mini Market. Seeds could be planted at a player's Cub Condo in any room with a soil patch. Rooms with soil patches included the Cub Condo Exterior, the Sun Room, and the Backyard. They could also be planted in a player's garden plot at the City Garden.

A Pear Plant's energy bars at a player's City Garden plot

Seeds had to be cared for in order to be harvested. After choosing a seed from the furniture section of the My Stuff inventory, clicking on it and placing it on the ground while outside, the seed was planted and ready to be tended to. By clicking on a plant in the ground, a player was presented with a menu that showcased the plant's health and growth progress in the form of energy bars. Players needed to purchase 4 different gardening items from the LumBear Yard in order to care for their plant properly and fill these energy bars:

Energy Bars showcased what actions needed to be taken to care for the plant [3]

  • Watering Can: watered the plant and filled the Water energy bar
  • Trimmers: cut away weeds and filled the Bad Weeds energy bar
  • Fly Swatter: removed bugs around plant and filled the Bugs energy bar
  • Fertilizer: added fertilizer to soil and filled the Fertilizer energy bar

These tools were stored in the "???" section of My Stuff

All 5 levels of a Tomato Seed's growth cycle

Gardening items for sale in the LumBear Yard catalog

A screenshot of the Help menu players could access to learn more about plant care and harvesting

Players could take any 3 of these gardening item actions a day to care for any one plant. After their 3 actions were completed, players could ask friends to care for the plant too.

A notification warning the player that they have completed all 3 allowed plant care actions for the day.

The bottom bar of the plant care menu displayed which level your plant was at. After reaching level 5, the plant could be harvested. If a player cared for their plant everyday, it would take about 10 days for the plant to be ready to harvest. Once harvested, players typically received furniture items in the form of a basket or box of the food they had grown. These baskets were interactive and allowed players and their Furry Friends to eat the food inside of them if they were clicked. These harvest prizes could also be sold for Bear Bills.[4]

Bear Bills and seeds would also be randomly awarded to players for caring for their plant.[5]

There were a couple special seeds that unlocked rooms that could be accessed after the plant was harvested. These were the Treehouse and Cloud Room. If a player owned a Cloud Room, harvesting various seeds gave them a chance of receiving a piece of Cloud furniture.

A player eating apples from an Apple Basket which they received for successfully harvesting Apple Seeds

A prize notification alerting the player of the reward they received from harvesting a plant successfully.

Types of Seeds

Image Name Harvest Prize Where to Get
Apple Seeds.png Apple Seeds Apple Basket.png

Apple Basket

Beans Seeds Icon.png Beans Seeds Beans Basket.png

Beans Basket

Begonia Seeds Icon.png Begonia Seeds Potted Begonia.png

Potted Begonia

Candy Tree Seeds.png Candy Tree Seeds Candy Lollipop.png

Candy Lollipop

Obtained after

earning a Level 1

Bronze Garden Badge

Corn Seeds.png Corn Seeds Corn Basket.png

Corn Basket

Cherry Seeds.png Cherry Seeds Cherry Basket.png

Cherry Basket

Donut Tree Seeds Icon.png Disco Ball Tree Seeds Disco Ball.gif

Disco Ball

Donut Tree Seeds Icon.png Donut Tree Seeds Donut Box.png

Donut Box

Abbie Bright's

Traveling Market

Evergreen Tree Seeds Icon.png Evergreen Tree Seeds Light Up Wreath.png

Light Up Wreath

Fairy Tree Seeds
Fashion Tree Seeds.png Fashion Tree Seeds Girl Fashion Shoes

Boy Fashion Shoes

-LumBear Yard

-Farmer's Mini Market

-City Garden Mini Market

Potted Forsythia Seeds Icon.png Potted Forsythia Seeds Potted Forsythia .png

Potted Forsythia

Golden Cherry Tree Seeds
Green Apple Tree Seeds Icon.png Green Apple Tree Seeds Green Apples Basket.png

Green Apples Basket

Obtained from Bearemy

on Independence Day


Holly Tree Seeds
Hyacinth Seeds
Hydrangea Seeds
Ice Tree Seeds
Magic Bean Seeds.png Magic Bean Seeds Cloud Room,

Old Telescope,

Cloud Spa,

Cloud Computer Desk

Given to players who

visited the City Garden

between April 10-May 6


Maple Tree Seeds Icon.png Maple Tree Seeds Box of Sugar Cones.png

Box of Sugar Cones

Obtained from Pawlette

on Canada Day 2009

Mum's Seeds Icon.png Mum's Seeds Mum's Flower Pot.png

Mum's Flower Pot

Orange Seeds.png Orange Seeds Orange Basket.png

Orange Basket

Peach Seeds.png Peach Seeds Peach Basket.png

Peach Basket

Pear Seeds.png Pears Seeds Pears Basket.png

Pears Basket

Poinsettia Seeds
Pumpkin Seeds Icon.png Pumpkin Seeds Pumpkin Pie.png

Pumpkin Pie

Rose Bush Seeds
Spooky Tree Seeds
Sunflower Seeds Icon.png Sunflower Seeds Sunflower Basket.png

Sunflower Basket

Tomato Seeds.png Tomato Seeds Tomato Basket.png

Tomato Basket

Treehouse Seeds
Tulip Seeds
Water Lily Seeds
Watermelon Seeds

Gardening Tools

Image Name Price Where to Get
Enchanted Cutter
Enchanted Fertilizing Bag
Enchanted Fly Swatter
Enchanted Watering Can
Fertilizing Bag
Fly Swatter
Watering Can