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SmallFrys were a smaller version of many of the original Furry Friends from Build-A-Bear Workshop. These first began to be created in 2010 and were only 7" in comparison to the 15-20" normal bears. Each SmallFry came with code which unlocked a SmallFry carrier for your character and a dollhouse for your Cub Condo. Clicking on each dollhouse lead you to a special SmallFry Room!

All SmallFrys

  • Cinnamon Swirl Bunny (SmallFry)
  • Endless Hugs Teddy (SmallFry)
  • Fabulous Frog (SmallFry)
  • Summer Hugs Bear (SmallFry)
  • Cow (SmallFry)
  • Pig (SmallFry)
  • Cheerful Monkey (SmallFry)
  • Rainbow Swirl Bear (SmallFry)
  • Vanilla Cream Bunny (SmallFry)
  • Wolf (SmallFry)
  • Cheetah (SmallFry)
  • Lion (SmallFry)
  • Ghost (SmallFry)
  • Black Cat (SmallFry)
  • Poodle (SmallFry)
  • Pudsey (SmallFry)
  • Blush (SmallFry)
  • Calico Cat (SmallFry)
  • Lil' Bunny Big Ears (SmallFry)
  • Pink Hello Kitty (SmallFry)
  • Purple Hello Kitty (SmallFry)
  • Red Hello Kitty (SmallFry)
  • Sock Monkey (SmallFry)
  • Merry Mint Pup (SmallFry)
  • Golden Pup (SmallFry)
  • Blossom Bunny (SmallFry)
  • Champ (SmallFry)
  • Happy Hugs Bear (SmallFry)
  • Fuzzy Lamb (SmallFry)
  • Parrot (SmallFry)
  • Pink Bunny (SmallFry)
  • Bubble Gum Bear (SmallFry)
  • Mint Chip Bear (SmallFry)
  • Orange Sherbet Bear (SmallFry)
  • Hot Fudge Sundae Bear (SmallFry)
  • Blue Camo Bear (SmallFry)
  • Cup Cake Bear (SmallFry)
  • Friendly Frog (SmallFry)
  • Furever Hearts Bear (SmallFry)
  • Lady Love Bug (SmallFry)
  • Citrus Bunny (SmallFry)
  • Cuddly Lamb (SmallFry)
  • Shaggy Pup (SmallFry)
  • Chocolate Bunny (SmallFry)
  • Fuzzy Duck (SmallFry)
  • Pink Flower Hello Kitty (SmallFry)
  • Sunny Hello Kitty (SmallFry)
  • Pawfectly Pink Flamingo (SmallFry)
  • Chocolate Labrador (SmallFry)
  • Cuddly Puppy (SmallFry)
  • Cardinal Bird (SmallFry)
  • Clydesdale (SmallFry)
  • Blue Cuddles Bear (SmallFry)
  • Pink Cuddles Bear (SmallFry)
  • Frightfully Fun Girl (SmallFry)
  • Mr. Monster (SmallFry)
  • Beach Bear (SmallFry)
  • Oodles of Fun Octopus (SmallFry)
  • Travelin' Sea Turtle (SmallFry)