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The Sock Hop was an annual dance/party that was held in the Gymnasium in Bear University in Bearville. This was a sock-themed party that users could go to to dance, have fun, earn free gifts and purchase different patterned socks for their character to wear.


For the first Sock Hop in 2009, Jr. CyBearGuides were allowed to vote in a poll at their Jr. CyBearGuide HQ which asked what decorations should be used for the event. They had choices from:

  • Retro themed decorations
  • Disco themed decorations
  • Space themed decorations

Features of the Sock Hop


At random points throughout the Sock Hop, socks would start falling from the sky; if you clicked on these you could earn some free socks for your character. This only happened occasionally and users had to try and catch as many socks as they possibly could before the socks stopped falling.


There were also singular special socks that fell; these were 'collectible' socks which could not be worn by your character. Users had to try and collect all of the collectible socks in order to unlock a special exclusive reward. The prize was a pair of socks for your character, though there was a special twist; these socks constantly flashed through different colours, giving you Rainbow Disco Socks.


If users clicked on the little stall on the right wall of the Gymnasium, a catalog would show up which allowed you to purchase different exclusive socks for your character. These were 100 Bear Bills each and had crazy colourful designs on them. Users could not change the colours of these socks, though there were many different colours and styles to choose from.