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The Sportsplex was the main area for sporty activities in Bearville. There were many different things to do here, including lots of minigames and other activities.


On the outside of the Sportsplex, there were two minigames for users to play; these were Bear-2-Bear Racing and Bear-2-Bear Baseball, which could both be played either single player or multiplayer depending on if you wanted to play against a computer or a friend.


Once inside the Sportsplex, users could play yet another minigame which was located by the front desk near Pawsome Panda; this was Bear-2-Bear Soccer and could also be played multiplayer.

There were several different areas to go to in the Sportsplex:

Users had to go up the lift to get to the Gymnastics Arena, and you could hang around on the top balcony area before entering. There were four seats to sit on to chat with friends.


Whilst in the main area of the building, users could click on Pawsome Panda behind the front desk to get a little quiz; you could take this daily and each time you took it you would receive 100 Bear Bills and points to improve your Recreation Badge.


This quiz was labelled as the 'Be 100% Pawsome Fitness & Nutrition Challenge' and users had to go through and check each activity they had done in real life that day; this was to make sure children were doing well and staying healthy. Most users just clicked through all of the answers to quickly earn the Bear Bills and points.

Minigames (Exterior & Interior)