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The Train Station was an area in Bearville where citizens can go on a train to go to different places around the world; there were three main places that users could travel to. There were also a couple of other things to do whilst in the area.

Train Station Map View

The Train Station was first made when The Chloe Show was going to the North Pole to interview a wild moose. After this came the decision to create the station for users to go and explore the North Pole and visit all of the different buildings over there.


After the first Christmas that it was open, it had no destination and users could not ride the train until Camp Happy Heart 2009 began, which allowed you to ride the train to the Waterfall Train Station. This soon became a permanent destination from this area.

When they became available during Christmas celebrations in 2009, users could also travel to the Ski Lodge Homes from the Train Station.

Also at the Train Station, users could go inside of the U.S. Bank of Bearville; here there were a few different minigames and it gave users the ability to invest their Bear Bills.

Train station train inside.jpg

There was a board at the station telling users how long until the next train arrived/departed. Once on board the train, users were teleported inside to another room. Here, you could sit your character in any of the seats around the train or click on 'Continue' to teleport to your destination straight away.


There was also a cutscene that was quite long, showing the train travelling from one destination to another; this could be skipped by the user though. It showed the train entering a tunnel, the insides of the tunnel, and finally leaving the tunnel which suggested that you were almost at your destination.