Zoo babies2

Zoo Babies was an exclusive minigame in Bearville; which could be played by clicking on the Zoo Keeper NPC in the Build-A-Bearville Zoo and could only be accessed by V.I.B members or users who owned a Zoo Furry Friend.

Zoo babies

Clicking on the Zookeeper at the entrance of the Zoo brought up a menu where users could view instructions or highscores before playing the game.

The description read: 'Guide the cubs through a messy play area!'

How to Play Edit

  • There was a lion cub walking forwards on a path; there were also many obstacles along the path
  • Zoo babies3
    Users had to help the cub avoid the obstacles by clicking on him to make him jump or moving him to the other two lanes of the path
  • If the cub hit any of the obstacles, his health bar would go down
  • If the health bar went completely down, you would lose the game
  • The more obstacles you avoided and the better you guided the lion cub, the more points you would earn and the more likely it was that you would advance to other levels
  • The higher the level got, the more obstacles were on the screen and the faster the cub would walk
  • The more points you earned, the more Bear Bills you would receive at the end of the minigame
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